Best Air Purifier For Pets in 2020 – (Reviews & Buying Guides)

TOP 10 Best Air Purifier For Pets in
10 Best Air Purifier For Pets

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You should keep a lot of things in your mind when you want to buy a Best Air Purifier For Pets. You will need to know the square footage of the area in which you plan to use the unit. They come in a number of different sizes, so you will want to be sure to purchase a unit that will be large enough to purify the air in the room or rooms that you would like. To purify the air in your entire home, you will, more than likely, need to purchase multiple units. You will also want to keep extra filters on hand. The instruction manual will tell you how often you should change the filter. However, your lifestyle may dictate otherwise. If you have pets, or if someone in your home smokes, you will probably have to change the filter more often than the instruction manual says you should. Noise is another concern. Some units are very loud when they are in operation. Others are virtually noiseless. If the noise is something that will bother you, you should look for a unit that does not produce much sound when it is in use.

10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

​If you are a pet owner, you would agree that pets are some of the most beautiful things anyone can own. A lot of wonderful things come with having them. Sometimes, they make very important parts of your family. However, it is unfortunate that they can mess up your home sometimes. More so, most of these pets come with a lot of furs. Furthermore, pets usually shed their dry skin which goes off together with the hair, and this is known as dander. Dander can also be one of the problems that having pets bring to you. Dander can give rise to certain allergies in most people.

We have found the most important thing to put into consideration when you have decided to own an air purifier. There are so many air purifiers on the market today that choosing one that is suitable can often pose a huge challenge. However, with this guide, you may not need to search harder to find the best air purifier for pets that suits you and your home.

It can also cause the air around your house to become unsafe for breathing. But all these problems do not mean you have to give up your pets, there are ways you can solve these problems and still keep a good relationship with your pets. What you need is an air purifier. An air purifier will ensure that regardless of how the pets intend to mess up your home, you will also have clean and healthy air to breath.

What qualities should an air purifier have to be called the best air purifier perfect for pet owners?

The fact is, pets often produce odors and a host of other germs that can cause allergies. An air purifier typically filters and circulates the air around your home, thereby leaving the environment smelling fresh and your lungs healthy.

A lot of things cause people with allergy and asthma to snuffle. Most of the pet owners think it is just the hair that is behind it, but in reality, it is the dander that is released by the pet. As said earlier, dander is the dry sky that the pet sheds off along with some hair. This can trigger a various number of ill health. There is one unique thing about pet dander when it falls off the pet, it does not settle on the ground, rather it continues to float in the air, and that is why it is so dangerous to health because you can easily breathe it into your lungs. This must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

But what does this ugly situation signify regarding the type of air purifier you need?

This indicates clearly that what you need is an air purifier that comes with an HEPA-grade air filter. Pet dander is usually large particles that you easily see floating in the air. however, few can be very small, down to the size of 3 microns. What this means is you can use the HEPA-grade filter where you can’t afford the True-HEPA Filter. The HEPA-grade can trap and eliminate the dander efficiently. The degree to which pets can produce odor varies with different pets, however, all of them can produce a smell that will certainly reduce the quality of the air around your home. This is why you may need air to purify with an activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filters will certainly eliminate any form of odor that your pets may produce, and keep the quality around your home in great conditions.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying an air purifier for pets:

The factors below will help you select the right one to purchase.

Do you have allergies? Or is it just the odor and hair that you need an air purifier for.

Do you intend to prevent germs that cause allergies from finding their way into your home?

Consider the size of the area for which you need the air purifier

Most importantly, you have to consider your budget.

However, the last two considerations do not relate to pet

as directly, but they are very important because they form the basis of your decision when buying an air purifier.

If your budget on an air purifier is not too big to cover the True-HEPA Filter, and you do not have any allergies to deal with, you can buy the HEPA-grade filter, it will perform almost as much as the former. However, if you are dealing with allergies, it will be necessary to get the True-HEPA Filter. Though this may be a little bit pricier, it will certainly solve all your problems. But from a financial point of view, if you want to spend any money at all on an air purifier, you should go for the one with a pricier but better filter, this is will save you a lot of cost on the long run. You will get the most of your investment.

Having made the preliminary considerations, it is important to note that air purifiers have key features which you must also consider.

Below are some of the key feature which you must take into consideration when buying an air purifier. 

True-HEPA Filter

This is the only filter that can allow you to trap every kind of microorganism that can cause allergies. The True HEPA filter is simply the best, and because the most organism that causes allergies are extremely small, you need the best filter to be sure that they can be trapped efficiently.

HEPA-grade Filter

This the best filter you can get when you have a smaller budget for an air filter.

This filter is particularly useful in catching pet dander because they are often larger.

Activated Carbon Filter

If you notice that your hair is getting contaminated with the pets’ musty smells, then you may need to consider a pet purifier that has the activated carbon filter. It will also give your home a fresher appeal. Auto Functions or Fan Speed: it is important to get a purifier that has several levels of fan speed this is because you will have the opportunity to increase or reduce the speed depending on the heaviness and the rate at which your pet shed dander. You will also get the opportunity to adjust the fan speed to suit the level of quietness you need to have a good night sleep. Auto functions are also fantastic features you need to look out for when buying an air purifier. With auto functions, you can conveniently set the device to increase the speed of the fan as soon as there is an increase in the level of dander being shed, and also when other pet allergens increase. 

…we’re bringing you some of the Best Air Purifier For Pets!

Scroll down and let’s see…

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier


Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets we have added Alen BreatheSmart 751i on 1st and top.

The Alen BreatheSmart 751i Air Purifier has a sleek and intuitive design. By merely looking at the design, you would see that this device is very easy to use. Also, it comes in several different colors.

The Maximum Area Coverage (MAC) of this incredible device is a staggering 1300 square feet. It uses an airflow technology which allows it to completely purify the air around its coverage in 30 minutes. This air purification activity may continue throughout the day.

The Alen BreatheSmart 75i can be used to eliminate several kinds of contaminants, which includes:

  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Allergens
  • Chemicals
  • Odor

The elimination of these contaminants is achieved through a special feature known as the True-HEPA filter. This filter captures the unwanted particles, breaks them down, and filters them away from your air. The True-HEPA filter is coated with an antimicrobial layer which prevents the production of more bacteria or more fungi by the particles that pass through.

This device also has a carbon filter. It absorbs several particles from the air, and these particles are mostly particles of odor. Therefore, if your home is constantly having any kind of stench or odor, the Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier is what you need to eliminate such odors and purify the air around your house.

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Lastly, one recognizable feature of this device is that it comes with what is called the “Alen Forever Guarantee.” What this means is that the warranty that the manufacturers of this product offer never expires. This also means that whenever you have any issue with the product, you can always send it back, its either you get a replacement depending on the circumstances surrounding the problem or they will get it fixed for you in quick time.

Most of the air purifiers in the market look rather bland and ugly, but the Alen BreatheSmart 75i is different from the rest. With it’s fascinating aesthetic, it offers several different colors that suit your tastes and home. Most homeowners tend to stay away from noisy air purifiers, if you are one them, then the Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier is the best you can get. It ensures that you stay in your home without any discomforting noise.

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier


Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Coway Airmega 400 Smart on 2nd.

As soon as your home gets filled with certain unpleasant odors, pollen, dust, and some other particles, it becomes necessary to find a way to purify the air and ensure a safer environment for breathing. It may make a lot of sense to clean the HVAC, vacuum the environment constantly, ban smoking within your home. However, some of these things seem like a herculean task and not many people have the time to do all of that all the time. But you still need to keep clean air around your home.

Key Features of Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

The Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier is silver/graphite and white. The graphite model fits perfectly with a darker-toned room. Though the unit can be up to 23 inches with an impressive width of 15 inches, it will only cover a small area of the room. Regardless of its size, this device can still go unnoticed by a guest who may be coming to your house for the first time. Furthermore, it looks fancy and can add to the appeal of the home.

Coverage: this brilliant device covers a massive area of 24,960 cubic feet in one hour. Put differently, it can purify the air around a space of 28 feet by 28 feet and a height of 8 feet 4x in one hour.

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Filters: the Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier comes with a washable pre-filter of activated carbon and HEPA.

Voltage: 60 Hz 120 V

Timer: you can set this air purifier to automatically turn off after some time.

Power: Energy-star rated and 66 W

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Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier


Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier on 3rd.

Blue Air Purifier has done an incredible job this time around. The Blueair Air Purifier has had a boxed kind of design that was generally unappealing. However, the Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is completely different and it stands out from the rest. Though this air purifier can cover larger rooms, its size is reasonably small. With weights of about 13 pounds and dimensions of 13x13x20 inches. What this weight and dimensions mean is that the device is very easy to carry around the house.

Another advantage of the sleek design is that it has a pre-filter. This filter is set apart the unit, you can also get it in different colors. The different available colors include grey, yellow, blue, black and pink. One great aspect of this design is that you can always recognize a dirty pre-filter, and clean it when necessary.

Smart Options

Though this model of the Blueair Air Purifier is a little pricier than the previous ones, it does not come with sensors. It only helps you to recognize a filter that needs to be replaced. The filter indicator light will turn yellow after 5 months of usage, this development indicates that the filter is due to be replaced. After another month, this indicator will change to red.

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Noise Levels

This unit is best for people who do not want any form of unwanted sounds around their homes especially when they are trying to sleep. Even when you apply the highest settings, the Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is almost noiseless.

Below Are the Sound Levels with Settings:

Low setting: this produces the silence of a library setting (31Db)

Medium Settings: this produces the sounds of a quiet room setting (45 dB)

High Settings: this produces sounds of up to 56dB.

LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier


LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier on 4th.

The LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier is designed to perfection. The Anion and the UV-C light that most other brands use to build their air purifiers are potentially dangerous because while controlling some pollutants, it may produce other pollutants which may be harmful to people suffering Asthma. But the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier is different, it does not use any of these elements which makes it 100% safe.

Key Feature Of LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

A 3-step filtration system: This amazing air purifier has a 3-stage air purifier that includes; the activated carbon, the pre-filter, and the True HEPA Filter.  These filters effectively trap pet dander, mold, odor, smoke, and dust particles. It also eliminates up to 99.97% of other airborne particles that are about the size of 0.3 microns. This 3-step filtration system seamlessly improves the quality of air in your home so that you and your family can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Super-noiseless Operation: with the incredibly low noise that this device produces, you won’t believe it has an incredible capacity to keep the air around your home as fresh as it can get. With a silent operation at 25Db, you are assured of a quiet sleep while you breathe some fresh air.

Supremely Efficient

this device can filter and circulate the room up to 4x in one hour, this is as fast as any air purification operation can get. With its contemporary design and peculiar size, the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier is best for small rooms, such as offices.

Night Light

There are a couple of brightness settings that you can choose from, the night light, helps you see in the night, and if you want to sleep without being disturbed, you can turn off the light.

Great Price

The replacement filter of the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier is one of the most affordable replacement filters you can get anywhere. However, when you purchase replacement filters, ensure to purchase only the recommended Levoit Replacement Parts, this will ensure that the product performance is maintained.

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Filter Replacement Indicator

This device comes with an indicator that tells you it is time to change the filter. It is advised that you change the air filter at least ones between 6 to 8 months, however, this depends on the quality of the product and the extent of the operation.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover on 5th.

Though an air purifier may not be the most incredible piece of device you have in your home, it certainly has a huge impact on your home and your quality of life. Such air purifiers like the Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover are built to filter and purify the air around the home.

The Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover as the name implies work by removing allergens bacteria, pet dander, and various airborne particles that are potentially dangerous to your health. This device is particularly used in homes where the quality of air is a big issue. Whether or not the air quality in your home was reduced by cigarette smoke, shedding pets, cooking or any other environmental factor the Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover specially designed to keep the air around your house as pure as it can be.

This air purifier comes in various sizes. From small units to large options, you will certainly find what fits you and your home. These various units of the Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover come with a filter that you must replace ones between 3 to 6 months.

The Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover when used in the recommended space size, has the power to circulate and filter the air within the given space up to 5x in one hour. Also, this device has a Turbo Clean feature. This Turbo Clean setting is indicated by the dimmer of the control panel.

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Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover works by repeatedly drawing the various pollutants and trapping the larger particles. It is very important to remember that for you to have a performance at optimum levels, you must replace the pre-filter ones in three 3 months. The Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover traps up to 99.97% of germ particles that go through it. Just switch it on and have your fresh air returned to your home in minutes. This device is very simple to operate and to maintain, also, it very easy to replace the filters. Filter cl indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. However, you must ensure that you use Certified Honeywell Replacement Filter to maintain optimum performance of this device.

Hathspace Smart True HEPA Aire Purifier


Hathspace Smart True HEPA Aire Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Hathspace Smart True HEPA Aire Purifier on 6th.

We understand you need to know everything about the features of this wonderful Hathspace Smart True HEPA Aire Purifier before you decide whether or not to go for it. Hathspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier is certainly one of the best air purifiers you can get anywhere.

Read below to see some of its excellent qualities…

If you are looking for an incredibly smart air purifier, this is the best device you can get. With an automated feature and a 6-in-1 filtration system, it kills up to 99.97% of various air pollutants regardless of how small. What this means is that things like mold, pet dander, pollen, odors, bacteria, viruses, allergens, smoke, dust mites and other chemicals that are potentially toxic.

Multiple Filters

The filtration system of the Hathspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier includes an antibacterial filter, a Nano-cold catalyst filter, a True HEPA filter, a UV light sterilizer, and an optional ionizer. These different stages of air filters provide an impregnable defense for your home against various harmful particles that may get an opportunity to enter your lungs and cause you ill health.

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Smart Design and a Superb Technology

If you want an air purifier that comes with a smart sensor then the Hathspace Smart True HEPA Air is the best for you. This air purifier is built with an advanced sensor technology that can diagnose, test, and automatically purify the air around your house, giving you an improved air quality so you can breathe comfortably in your home. The sensor display indicates the quality of air so that you can have an idea of the state of the air you are taking in.

Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier


Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier on 7th.

Sometimes most homeowners become more fascinated about air purifiers, this is because every year, the manufacturers of these air purifiers usually produce air purifiers that have been tweaked differently from the previous models. This tweak usually consists of upgrades in the filter and probably a new name. This is the case with the GermGuardian AC520Pt 3-in-1 Air Purifier. This air purifier resembles the GermGuardain AC5000, but with a little tweak in functionality.

If you suffer from an allergy, this 3-in-1 Air Purifier is the best air purifier for you. It has a HEPA feature that can capture dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and up to 99.97% of other allergens. An antimicrobial agent known as the Pet Pure is included in the filter, this antimicrobial agent prevents the growth of mildew, mold and other bacteria that causes odor.

This device has an air filter that stands out among from the best, it kills germs through the UV-C light feature, the odors are captured by the charcoal filter. It also has a digital control panel that is very easy to use, this control panel includes UV-C control, a timer and a filter replacement indicator.

Main Features of Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Captures Allergens: Through the HEPA filter, this device can trap pet dander, pollen, dust mite and up to 99.97% of all allergens.

Odor Control: The filter helps to reduce the odor that usually results from cooking, pets, and smoking.

Germ Control: Though this feature may be optional, this device has a UV-C light feature which combines with Titanium Dioxide to control the spread of airborne germs caused by bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

Energy-Efficient: This air purifier is Energy Star Certified, more so, its coverage expands up to 180 square feet. It circulates and filters the room up to 4 hours every day.

Filter Replacement Indicator: You only have to change the filter once every 6 months sometimes it could be 8 months, but this depends on how much the device is used. Please Note: if you want to replace the filter, you must use genuine replacement parts from Guardian Technologies, this will ensure that the performance of the device is maintained. This product also offers a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturers.

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Why Choose an Air Purifier with UV-C Light Feature?

The UV-C light feature kills most germs in the water and in air. It penetrates effectively into the thinnest of bacteria and viruses that have been known to cause certain ill health, such as pneumonia, staph, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and meningitis. This light functions by making alterations in the genetic makeup of these germs which eventually leads to their death. But the UV-C light may have its disadvantage, which we will look in later in this guide.

RENPHO Air Purifier With 3-Step Filtration Feature


RENPHO Air Purifier With 3-Step Filtration Feature

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added RENPHO Air Purifier on 8th.

RENPHO Air Purifier is a relatively small air purifier, built for effective purification of the air around your house. It can purify the air around a room of about 100 square feet. This may not be a lot of space, however, the price of this product for its size and capacity is pretty reasonable.

RENPHO Air Purifier – Design

The design of this incredible air purifier is just simple, which explains why it is very easy to use. This air purifier is built all white with rounded edges. It is also perforated and this allows for the intake and output of air, and some basic controls that are pretty simple to understand.

The Control Panels

The control panel of the RENPHO Air Purifier is found right on top of the device, this control panel includes relevant functions such as:

  • Filter reset / night light
  • power button
  • Fan speed adjustment button
  • Sleep mode indicator
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Fan mode button (just push the button multiple times to select the mode you want)

How the Renpho Air Purifier Works

This device has a 3-step filtration feature with which it pulls the air taken in at the base.

The stages of the filtration System include:

Pre-filter: The pre-filter traps the bigger particles such as pet dander, dust and other visible particles in the air.

HEPA: this stage filters off allergens and other particles about the size of 0.3 microns.

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Activated carbon

This neutralizes odors from smoke or foods.

Size and Dimensions

The size of this air purifier, when compared to similar models, is relatively more compact. This device is so small that it can even fit on a nightstand. So much convenience for an incredible capacity.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier


Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier on 9th.

With a HEPA filter, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier freshens the air around your home. This filter is permanent which means you do not need to spend money on the replacement filter. It performs impressively in trapping airborne particles and makes your home a better surrounding for fresh breath.

Though it has a relatively small size, with quieter operations, the TrueAir Air Purifier can cover a massive range of about 160 sq. ft. This makes it the perfect option or offices, bedrooms and dens. Not only is this device quiet and small in size, but it is also very versatile, working in all directions.

Key Features Of Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

Save Cost and Time with Non-Replaceable Hepa Filter

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier comes with a non-replaceable filter which ensures that you no longer have to need to break a budget to get a replacement filter as you would do for most air purifiers.  It cleans up the surrounding to enable you and your family breath easily.

Ultra-Silent Operation

With a super-silent fan and motor, you may not hear any sound from this device when it is in operation. With 3-Speed Operation control, you can set this air purifier on high, this will give you the fastest air-purifying operations. You can set it at mediums, with this setting, you can use this air purifier for the whole day. and lastly, the low settings, this setting can be used when you need a super-quiet operation.

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The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier seamlessly blends with your home. It is so versatile, it fits anywhere. It can easily fit on shelves hence it resembles a speaker. This air purifier occupies a little space while delivering air-purifying operations to a greater capacity.


A top-quality HEPA filter traps up to 99.9% allergens and other airborne particles

Care and Maintenance

In case you want to put your TrueAir on a shelf, it comes with four feet that adhere seamlessly to such wooden surfaces. For the most effective air Purifying results, choose a location where there is enough air circulation. Avoid putting it in the kitchen, or anywhere it gets exposed to greasy stains or other chemicals which affect its functionality.

“If you decided to  buy Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier for pets, honestly this Air Purifier would be very effective for your home.”

KOIOS Air Purifier with 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter


KOIOS Air Purifier with 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter for Home and Office

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: we have added KOIOS Air Purifier on 10th.

Are you uncomfortable with the quality of air around your home, and you have been seeking for ways to improve it? Maybe you are allergic to certain things and this is giving you huge problems. Perhaps you just want to reduce the smell from the pets and probably from the kitchen. Whatever your needs are, KOIOS Air Purifier is one of the most active air purifiers that solve your problems in quick time. It improves the quality of air in your home thereby making you healthier.

The market is saturated with several air purifiers that claim to do the same job yet not all of them are good at what they claim to do. This has made the job of choosing the right air purifier a bit challenging for the consumers. However, before you decide to purchase any air purifier it is important that you find out everything about the product you want to spend your money on.

The KOIOS Air Purifier has different incredible features which makes it the best solution for whatever air issues you may have in your home.

Main Features of KOIOS Air Purifier

HEPA Technology

The KOIOS Air Purifier has a HEPA-Grade technology that can filter away about 99.97% of germ particles about the size of 0.3 microns. This technology is very essential to any household especially when there are young children and the older ones. It improves the air quality thereby improving the health of the home.

3-in-1 Filtration System

The KOIOS Air Purifier has a 3-in-1 filtration system that includes a fine layer, which eliminates mold, bacteria, and fungi. The air is sucked into the bottom of the device and then released through the top of the air purifier after undergoing a 3-step purification process. This filter keeps the air in your home safe for people with nasal stuffiness and people with certain allergies.

Eliminates unpleasant odor

This device has an activated carbon filter that eliminates odors from your home. Odors caused by pets, smoking, and cooking can really get you uncomfortable. Some people would want to use the regular air fresheners, but they are only temporary solutions to the problem. Regular air fresheners can even worsen your situation. The KOIOS Air Purifier air purifier will provide a lasting solution to the poor quality of air in your home.

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Is It Safe to Use Air Purifiers?

Is It Safe to Use Air Purifiers?

We will answer this question in a little bit more detail…

Many a pet owner has asked this question quite a number of times, and the answer has always remained yes. But some concerns give rise to this question, which is ozone. Certain air purifiers produce ozone through an ionizing system. From a medical point of view, these substances are very harmful to the health of both the pet and the pet owner. However, some manufacturers have countered this fear insisting that the ozone produced by these devices is usually at the levels that can be considered as completely risk-free.

Here is your best bet

If you are still unsure whether or not air purifiers are safe for you and your pet, you should not buy the one that comes with a UV-C light feature, or ionizers. Steering clear of UV-C lights means you don’t need to bother whether or not what you have bought is safe. You can also choose the purifier that comes with an option to turn off the ionizer whenever you decide to. With that, when you decide you no longer need the ionizer feature, you do not have to buy a new air purifier, you will just turn it off.

The bottom line is that as far as a purifier does not have an ionizing component, or you have the opportunity to turn off the ionizer, you can safely use that air purifier.

Signs You Need to Get an Air Purifier for Pets Immediately

As a pet owner, it does not matter whether or not you suffer pet-related allergies, you would still have enough pet dander that can ruin the quality of the air around your home and this may cause certain respiratory problems. You are not only susceptible to these problems, but your children and every other person living in your home are vulnerable. You may clean the house regularly, but this will not guarantee a safer air to breathe. This is because pet hair particles and pet dander can often remain in the air therefore, vacuum cleaners may not do the job effectively.

Air purifiers for pets are very effective in eliminating pet dander, pet hair, and other pet-related allergens. These devices capture every pollutants and particle from your office or house regardless of how small they are.

If you are still confused whether or not you need an air purifier, below are top signs you need an air purifier for pets.

You sneeze persistently

Pollen, pet dander, and other particles are the airborne pollutants in your home that can give you sneezing problems. Therefore, if your sneezing persists just know that level of pollutant in your house is getting too much and requires control.

The smell of disinfectant fills your home

The volatile organic compound can be very dangerous to your health and that of your family. Substances such as benzene and formaldehyde are some of the ingredients used to manufacture certain adhesives, and this can linger in your home long enough to cause health issues.

The air around your house is stale

Whenever the smell of the air around your house smells awful, it is a clear indication that the quality of that air is reduced, then you need an air purifier. You may decide to use ventilators but nothing works as good as an air purifier that has the activated carbon filter which effectively removes odors.

Dust mites are everywhere in your home

If you have been seeing too much of dust mites in your house, then it is time to get an air purifier. However, you may still need to carry out your regular cleaning routine but an air purifier will certainly reduce the level of dust. A nice vacuum cleaner is also very important because it can reduce the level of dust in the air, but the air purifier is very effective in reducing the level of the dust mites that constantly give you problems.

Not only are air purifiers great in controlling the risk of asthma and certain allergies, but they also ensure that you save some time needed for regular cleaning. This device will carry out most of the cleaning activities for you. However, to ensure that this device performs to its optimum best, you must always clean it whenever it becomes necessary to do so.

You suffer chronic chest conditions

When you begin to suffer certain chest condition, then this is a clear indication that the air in your home is contaminated. therefore, you need to air an air purifier to help you return the air to good quality. It is very important to ensure that you always reduce the level of air pollution in your home to the barest minimum because your loved ones may be exposed to certain airborne diseases.

You often snore: air particles can block your airways and this will cause you breathing difficulty when you sleep, and this results in snoring. At this point, it becomes very necessary to use an air purifier, or if you are already using an air purifier, consider changing the filter. You will begin to snore less and your sleep will improve.

Tips on How to Use an Air Purifier for Pets Hair and Pet Dander

Okay! Now you have purchased your air purifier, how can you ensure that the efficiency of this air purifier is maximized? To get the best out of your air purifier, the following are some useful tips you can follow.

Do Not Keep Them in An Enclosure

Any air purifier certainly needs air to work, therefore, you must always avoid placing your air purifier in locations that have limited airflow. However, this depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer. You must ensure you maintain at least a space of 2 feet around and on top of the air purifier. This will allow the device to circulate the room without any form of obstruction. Also, allowing enough space around the air purifier will ensure it picks up enough pet dander with relative ease.

Select A Suitable Location

Animals will easily form new habits depending on the orientation they are given; you can make the most of this fact. Also, you need to recognize certain places around your house that your pets usually like to hang out. Therefore, if you must bring the efficiency of your air purifier to maximum levels. You need to place it close to where you know your pets are usually hanging out. For instance, this area could be next to a table or a couch, or even a favorite spot.

Run It All the Time

You may get the feeling that you need to turn off your air purifier sometimes, just to conserve the energy of the purifier. However, this can be a huge mistake as it can reduce the efficiency of the air purifier. Air purifiers require to be operated constantly to ensure that odors, pet hair and pet dander are eliminated. The present air purifiers on the market today were manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, therefore, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Ensure Your Windows and Doors Are Always Closed

It is very important to always ensure that your windows and doors remain closed when you are using an air purifier to battle pet odor, hair, and dander, especially within the space in which you are using this air purifier. you may think that opening the windows and doors will create space for the particles to get blown away, but in the real sense, you may be overworking the air purifier. when you keep a tight seal within the space where you have the air purifier, there will be a time when all the contaminants within that space may have all been captured. At this time, the air around that room will stay fresh up to 99.97% particles-free.

Quickly Recognize Any Change in The Filter

All air purifiers need to be maintained regularly, and most of them need their filter replaced within a certain interval of time. There some air purifiers that require you to change the filter at least once between 3 to 6 months. Some of the hand may not require you to even touch them for up to a year. For further information on this aspect, please refer to the product’s guide to know when it is recommended to clean or replace the filter. But whatever you do, just ensure you do not ignore any changes, you must be on top of any situation. A dirty air purifier will certainly be rendered useless.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers for Pet Dander and Pet Hair

Can I Eliminate Pet Odors with An Air Purifier?

Yes, any air purifier that comes with the activated carbon filter can effectively eliminate pet odor. Therefore, you must look out for this feature if the odor is what you need to remove. This feature works by trapping the odor particles inside the device thereby creating a fresher surrounding.

Can I Remove Floating Pet Hair with An Air Purifier?

Yes, the HEPA-grade filter that most air purifiers have can effectively reduce or eliminate the amount of pet hair that floats in the air around your home. This filter work by trapping the pet hair inside the device so that the hair is not able to float anymore.

What Is the Recommended Air Purifier for Pets Hair?

Certain air purifiers are recommended for the effective removal of pet hair. Some of these air purifiers include the Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier, and the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air purifier. The latter is reviewed here.

Can I Eliminate Pet Dander with An Air Purifier?

Yes, any air purifier that has the True-HEPA Filter can efficiently get rid of the pet dander problem in your home. This filter works by capturing that pet dander that cannot be seen with the naked eye, or ones that the regular HEPA-grade filter cannot capture. These microscopic elements are trapped from the air such that they cannot recirculate.

Can I Control Allergies with A Pet Air Purifier?

Yes. To do this, you need to purchase the air purifier that has the True-HEPA Filter. This filter will trap the smallest sized pet dander that would otherwise increase the risk of allergies. You just need to make sure that the air purifier you are buying uses the True-HEPA Filter because the HEPA-grade filter cannot do this job effectively. It is not of a high-quality version; hence, it cannot work for the control of allergies. it can only successfully eliminate the larger sized pet dander that can easily be seen with the naked eye.

What Is the Recommended Air Purifier That Can Control Pet Allergies?

The recommended air purifier to control pet allergies is the Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier you can check the paragraphs above to see the review. This device was built specifically to eliminate allergens from your house.

Important Facts About Allergies and Pets

If you are a pet owner, then you would be interested in these important facts about allergies and pets.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 85 million families are pet owners.

30.4% of families have cats and 36.5% of families have dogs (AVMA) 

90% of families have cat and dog allergens at detectable levels (WebMD)

According to Live Science, Cat allergies are twice as much as dog allergies  

The percentage of pet owners’ different generations: Builders 6%, Baby Boomer 27%, Generation X 32%, Millennials 35%, according to Statista

Other Means Through Which You Can Effectively Eliminate Pet Hair and Pet Dander

We all are already aware of the importance of air purifiers in the elimination of pet hair and dander. However, if you cannot afford the luxury of an air purifier, there are certain measures to take to control the pet hair or pet dander.

Follow these extra tips to ensure that your home is completely free of any animal hair and dander.

Bathe Your Pets Regular

Chowchow In Bath At Groomers

Chowchow In Bath At Groomers

One of the most traditional and sometimes most effective ways of getting rid of pet dander is by bathing your pets as often as possible. However, this can be time-consuming.

The fact is, weekly bathing of your pets may remove more than 80% of the floating pet hair and pet dander. But as mentioned earlier many pet owners are too busy to keep with this weekly schedule, if that is the case with you, then an air purifier is what you certainly need. You will bathe your pets whenever it is convenient for you without any problems.


It is very important to brush the pets’ fur at least every day, or at least 2 times every week as this will drastically reduce the incidence of pet dander. When you brush your pets, brush them outside, this effectively reduces the accumulation of pet hair inside your home. Even if you already have an air purifier that may capture the pet hair around, using a comb on the pet will certainly speed up the operation.

If you are looking for a good pet comb for your pet, find the FURminator brush, you can visit any local pet shop near you to purchase one. This is the most effective comb you can find anywhere.


Lastly, if you have pet hair or pet dander that has tenaciously held on to your couch or any furniture, the simplest way to remove it a packing tape. You can still remove it using a clothing tape roller.

It is very easy to use a clothing tape roller. If you have this item in your home, then you should be used to it by now. Just use it to collect the hair on the furniture.

If you are using the packing tape, all you have to do is to fold the tape around your hand such that you will expose the sticky side of the tape. While attaching it to the tape roll, roll the sticky side of the tape on the furniture to trap the accumulated hair or dander.


You have just gone through the buying guide as well as the features of the best air purifier for pets. We have come to the end of this guide. By now, you have an idea about the air purifier that is best for you concerning your needs, your budget and of course your pets. We hoped this guide was very helpful to you.

Note that as far it has to with filter and pets, regardless of the kind of filter, whether it is vacuum cleaners or air purifiers, it always very important to check them regularly to ensure they don’t get stuffed by unnecessary dirt that may render them useless.

It is also very important to go through the review section of this guide before you finally decide on what you want. The products we have reviewed are the best you can find on the market; therefore, you will certainly make the right choice here.

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Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier


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