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Best Air Purifier for Smoke: And Wildfire Smoke – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Air Purifier for Smoke and Air Purifier for Wildfire smoke

We all want clean, healthy fresh air to breathe, right?

You should keep a lot of things in your mind when you want to buy a Best Air Purifier For Smoke. If you have been smoking in your house, or maybe you have not been smoking but you have been allowing other people to smoke in the house, everyone dwelling in that house will be at an increased risk of suffering the harmful effects of second-hand and third-hand smoke. The second-hand smoke is usually that smoke exhaled by the smoker or the smoke that comes from the burning cigarette. This smoke is just as harmful to you as it is to the smoker.

Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke:

California exceeds 4 million acres burned by wildfires in 2020. More than 8,200 fires have consumed quite double the previous record, fire officials said. Smoke from a wildfire can cause your eyes to burn and your nose to run. And the microscopic particles in smoke can get deep into your lungs and cause illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma attacks, and even heart attacks and strokes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Environmental Protection Agency.

An Air Purifier in your home and How it works so well?

The third-hand smoke, on the other hand, is the ash-like particles that can cling to various surfaces such as your furniture, your rug, home appliances, etc. they can linger for several days polluting the air around your home. When you are exposed to the residual particles from the cigarette, you will be at risk of certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer, and some lung-related diseases. You are not only susceptible to these but your children and other members of the family that does not smoke are also at risk.

The particles of the cigarette are not so tiny that they cannot be seen with the eye, they are usually within the size range of 0.3 and 0.5 microns. But at this size, these particles can easily be inhaled, not only that, but they are also almost impossible to get rid of. Merely practicing regular cleaning and vacuuming are not enough to eliminate these substances from your home. These substances are so stubborn that opening doors and windows may not be enough to get rid of them. but if the ventilation around the home is good, you may not feel the full effect of these particles.

However, there are a couple of ways to effectively eliminate the harmful particles of cigarettes, smoke from a cigarette, and smoke from a wildfire. But the most effective of them all is an air purifier for smoke. There are several devices that have been specifically built to eliminate smoke odor from your dwelling or office space. These devices have different filters that filter the air around the house and eliminate offensive odor.  Various types of air purifiers exist, however, not all of them can effectively eliminate smoke and smoke particles from your home. Therefore, we have done our research and gathered the top ten of the best air purifiers for smoke. The products we have reviewed here can effectively rid your home of any offensive odor from cigarettes and also help to clear out the stubborn second-hand and third-hand smoke.

In this guide, we have analyzed the best air purifiers for smoke. According to the performance testing of the relevant material, we have gathered a list of 10 of the best air purifiers for smoke. In this review, we have focused on the relevant features of the products.

You may not need to search harder to find the best air purifier for Smoke. Scroll down to learn about the relevant features of the top ten best air purifiers for smoke. We have made this review to help you get 100% value for your investment in an air purifier for smoke.

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With some of the world’s most advanced technologies and incredible fan speed, the MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13 Air Purifier certainly tops the list of the best air purifiers.

With coverage of about 3,700 sq. ft., a sleek design and a couple of advanced features, the MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13 Air Purifier can remove any impurity from the air around your house regardless of particle size.

Main Features:

360-degree coverage: pure air is distributed all-around your house, unlike most other air purifiers that distribute the air in only one direction.


Smart Touch Screen Panel: with a touchscreen feature, you can easily make the necessary adjustment such as fan speed adjustment, or timer feature adjustment.


Sleep Mode: if you need the device to operate quietly, just turn on sleep mode and reduce the speed of the fan.


Filter Change Indicator: This device comes with a feature that tells you when the filter needs to be changed to maximize the air purification effect.


Four Levels of Fan Speed: You can select the fan speed you desire. Alternatively, you can set up the auto mode to automatically adjust the fan speed to match the air purification needs of the room.


Child Lock Feature: You can activate the child lock feature from the settings panel to prevent unnecessary operations by wandering hands.


Tiny Hidden Wheels: You can easily move this device around your house without having to behold the unappealing site of huge wheels. The wheels are small and are hidden far underneath the device away from all eyes.


Simple Filter Replacement Procedure: With other air purifiers, changing the air filter usually poses a huge challenge, but with the easy-to-unlock doors on either side of the MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13 Air Purifier, it is very easy to change the filter.

Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier

You may not realize how polluted the air around your home is until you begin to suffer air-related health issues. But before you suffer any health challenge due to the poor quality of air around your house, you need to get a good air purifier.

The Airdog X5 Air Purifier for Home with Washable Filter keeps you safe from all air-related health issues. With this device, you no longer inhale smoke or any other air pollutant that may be harmful to your health. This device is energy-efficient which means you will save more money and time.

Why go for the Airdog X5 with a Washable Filter?

Most air purifiers only collect dust but they don’t necessarily clean.

HEPA only filters may trap air pollutants when the device stops working, or if you fail to replace the filter as often as needed, those pollutants that have been collected will return to the air again. Additionally, when there is a rise in temperature, the air may become mold or humid. This will make bacteria thrive on the filter. But the Airdog X5 Air Purifier for Home with Washable Filter has a TPA technology that makes it impossible for bacteria and mold to grow on the filter.

HEPA Filters can be Very Expensive?

Bacteria and mold can easily grow on the filters; therefore, they need to be replaced at least every six months, and they can be very expensive. You may even need to pay more if you want to get a good quality filter. But the advanced technology that the Airdog X5 Air Purifier for Home with Washable Filter has, will save you enough money because you do not have to replace the filter. You can wash them when they get dirty instead of buying a new one.


Most HEPA Filters Easily Degrade with Time but the Airdog X5 Air Purifier for Home with Washable Filter Does not.

There is something called Cumulative Cleaning Mass, it is a technical term which is used to measure how much particles a HEPA filter could capture before its efficiency is reduced by half. Researchers have revealed that smoke from up to 45 cigarettes can cause the typical HEPA filter to lose its efficiency. But when compared to the efficiency of other air purifiers the Airdog X5 Air Purifier for Home with Washable Filter only lost about 0.3% efficiency after being exposed to smoke from about 440 cigarettes, now that is 10 times more powerful than the regular air purifier. That is one big difference to consider.

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

If you love huge air purifiers with a top-quality feature, you may want to get the Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier. It is an ideal device that solves your need for size and effective cleaning capacity.

The Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier is the latest release from The BlueAir manufacturers and because of this, it has better features than the previous models. With that said the Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier can be a bit large price for a big super-effective air purifier.

Size and Design:

The BlueAir manufacturers have changed the entire design of this latest air purifier, they have made it completely different from the previous models. Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier is the first air purifier from the BlueAir manufacturers that has a 3-dimensional air distribution. It distributes air from both sides and the bottom of the device. This device features an input and output grill on either side when it captures polluted air from any side, fresh air will also be released from the same side.


The Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier has two powerful filters that you can choose from: the SmokeStop filter and the particle filter. The particle air filter captures up to 99.97% of pet dander, pollen, viruses, dust, mold spores and other air pollutants such as bacteria as small as 0.1 microns. You can choose the SmokeStop filter, though it is more expensive, it has both the Activated Carbon Filter and True HEPA Filter which makes it super-effective.


The Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier is just as huge as it is in space coverage. This device can easily cover a staggering 750 sq. ft. though this coverage is small when compared to other air purifiers like the AIRMEGA 400S which covers a range of 1500 sq. ft., the Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier has a high CADR and ACH rating which makes it stand out from all others.


Air purifiers manufactured by the blue air are usually quieter than all other brands, this is due to a HEPA Silent technology with which they are built. At the lowest setting, this incredible technology effectively reduces the sounds that the fan makes, this will give you a quieter operation.

AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier

There can never be any list of the best air purifiers for a smoke without the AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier on the list. Let us look at what makes this smart air purifier so unique. Not only does it come from the Coway manufacturers; one of the best air purifier manufacturers, but this air purifier is so uniquely made, it offers incredible features that can’t be found in any other air purifier.

Features of AIRMEGA 400S:

First of all, let us learn about the features of this air purifier. With the AIRMEGA 400S, The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier covers a range of up to 1500sq feet and it cleans the air two times in one hour. you can also use this air purifier for smaller rooms; however, this air purifier may not work well in rooms larger than 1,560

sq. ft.


Another unique feature of the AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier is that a smart mode can be activated. With is a feature, you can automatically turn on the various sensors that this device comes with. 


The AIRMEGA 400S Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier has a smart mode feature that you can activate. This smart option when activated turns on the several sensors on this air purifier. This sensor, when turned on, can detect the level of pollutants in the air around your house and then send this information back to the device. 


Coway IoCare: This is a mobile App from which you can access the relevant information that the sensor is producing. This information includes; the current temperature of the air, the quality of the air, and when the filter is due for a change. Also, you can set the speed of the fan to suit what you want.


The AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier is ultimately one of the best air purifiers that offers you absolute control over all the features, and at the same time functions to its maximum effect. The only problem of this air purifier is that it is expensive but that only further tells you the quality you are getting. Therefore, if you need a top-quality air purifier, you should be ready to invest.

Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier

The Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier comes with a True HEPA Filter that seamlessly controls dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, odors, germs, viruses, bacteria and every other air pollutant from your house. This air purifier for smoke has three filter stages, and they include the Activated Carbon Filter, a True HEPA Filter, and the pre-filter. These filters can effectively trap up to 99.97% of air pollutants from your home.

What Features of Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier?


Energy-Efficient: This device is Energy-star rated and this allows you to constantly run it while you save energy and money.


Safe: The Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier is CARB Certified and it also produces up to five times less ozone than the lowest industry standard as stipulated by the FDA.

Low Cost of Operation: Unlike most other air purifiers that need to be changed as often as every three or six months, the Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier has a True HEPA Filter that only needs to be changed once in every two-five years. Therefore, the operating cost is greatly reduced. However, the actual life of the filter depends largely on the level of pollutants in the environment.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier has effective filters that utilize a three-stage process to seamlessly clean the air around your home. This particular model of 5500-2 is an advancement from the previous 550 models.

This new model utilizes an advanced Activated Carbon Filter, also, it has a new look that is far different from the previous version.


Furthermore, this air purifier also has a lot of settings that you will find very useful. These settings include 4 levels of fan speed, a timer, and a lot of other operation settings.


The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier covers a range of up to 360 sq. ft. that is decent room size.

How the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Works?


The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier works by utilizing a layer of the Winix’s Plasmawave technology, True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.


First, the polluted air is trapped by the Activated Carbon Filter which the manufacturers call “The Advanced Odor Control. Almost all the air purifiers for smoke indeed have the Activated Carbon Filter but the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier has the most advanced Activated Carbon Filter. 


Some brands use carbon filters that are too flexible and thin, though they may work fine most times they need to be doubled up to get the maximum effect of eliminating odors. However, with the highly advanced Activated Carbon Filter, the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier is much better and performs higher than the industry stipulated standard.


Another wonderful feature of the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier is that it has a sleep mode which you can activate if you do not want to be disturbed by the noise from the air purifier.

RENPHO Air Purifier for Large Room

Regardless of how much you try to clean your house, dust and other pollutants such as smoke will always accumulate. You need a device that can remove even the smallest particle to give you that desired clean air. A lot of activities go on in our homes for which most of them lead to the pollution of air around the home, and this may cause ill health.


Let us look at the main features of the RENPHO Air Purifier for Home and Large Room.

What Features include in RENPHO Air Purifier?


4-step Air Filtration Process: The air filtration stages of the RENPHO Air Purifier for Home Large Room include; Activated Carbon Filter, Pre-Filter, Charcoal Filter, and a True HEPA Filter. These filters seamlessly eliminate up to 99.97 air pollutants like dust, pet dander, allergens smoke, and all air pollutants. It covers a space of up to 301 square feet.


Smart Mode: The RENPHO Air Purifier for Home Large Room is built with a technologically advanced sensor that senses the quality of air around the house. With the auto feature, this device can sense the quality of air and change the speed of the fan and display colors based on the sensed air quality.

Super-Quiet Operation: You can activate the sleep mode to get a more silent operation. You can also set the device to automatically shut down to save more energy. Additionally, you can set up the child lock to shut off unwarranted access to the device.


Filter Change Indicator: You need to change the filter as soon as you notice the indicator lights. But you do not need to replace all the filters at once. You can replace only one at a time, this will save you money.

SilverOnyx Air Purifier

If you are looking for a portable air purifier for smoke, the SilverOnyx Air Purifier is the best air purifier that will not only match your need for portability but also effectively eliminates air pollutants. It has a design that makes it appear like a coffee blender and this design ensures that it blends seamlessly with the kitchen.

Why to Buy the SilverOnyx Air Purifier?


With the True HEPA and charcoal filter, this device can trap up to 99.97% of air pollutants, such as pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, and other household odors.


5-stage Air Filtration System: This device has 5 air filtration stages, which provides the purest air to breathe. A filter cartridge combines seamlessly with a True HEPA Filter, an Activated Carbon Filter, Ion Generator and a UVC-light to effectively purify the air around the house. The True HEPA Filter ensures the removal of up to 99.97% of air pollutants such as pet dander, smoke, dust, etc. 


Ionizer Feature: The SilverOnyx Air Purifier comes with UV sanitizer, ionizer, and an Activated Carbon Filter; these are technologically advanced features that effectively freshens the air in your home. An automatic sensor adjusts the flow of air to automatically produce the best quality air.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

With coverage of about 86 sq. ft. the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers may not be a huge air purifier, but it is certainly effective if used for the right amount of space. It can effectively eliminate up to 99.97% of the particles that contaminate the air in your home. This device operates more silently than most other devices.

Why LEVOIT Air Purifiers is Best?

Also, it has a night mode feature which you can activate to reduce the brightness of the light during night time. Though this device may not cover a large space compared to most other air purifiers, it is very effective in the elimination of ashes and smoke. It also effectively removes dust, mold spore, odor, smoke, pet dander, and pollen.


Features of LEVOIT Air Purifier:

3-step Air Filtration Process: This device has a 3-stage air filtration process which includes the Activated Carbon Filter, the Pre-Filter and the HEPA Filter. These filters are very effective in the removal of smoke, allergens, pet hair, pet dander, odor, mold, and other larger air particles. This 3-step filtration certainly improves the quality of air around the house.


Super-Silent Operation: The LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers purifies the air around your home with the lowest level of noise possible. This feature ensures a noiseless room to help you sleep better.


Highly Efficient: the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers rapidly purifies the air in your home more than 4 times in one hour. With its sleek design and the unique size, the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers is ideal for small-sized rooms such as offices or even the kitchen.


Night Mode: There two settings for brightness that you can choose from. You can activate the brightness or turn off the light, enabling you to sleep deeply without any disturbance. 


Affordable Filter: The replacement filters of the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers is cheaper than most filters from other brands, even more effective. This saves you enough money on filter replacement. Note, you should only replace the filter with the standard filter for LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers, this will ensure that the product maintains its maximum performance.


Filter Replacement Indicator: There is a filter indicator that automatically notifies you as soon as it becomes necessary to replace the filter. It is advised that to maximize the effect of LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers, you may need to replace the filter at least once every six months. Sometimes it can get up to 8 months depending on the level of usage, and the level of pollutants in your home.


Quality Assured: The LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers has a two-year warranty. It also comes with a lifetime customer support provided by the manufacturers.

GENIANI Home Air Purifier

If you are looking for an effective air purifier that will remove smoke and other allergen and pollutants from your air, look no further. With a True HEPA Filter that is ARB-Certified, the GENIANI Home Air Purifier is one of the best you can get.

It does not only eliminate odor, but it also has an Activated Carbon Filter that combats harmful organisms such as bacteria in the air. Additionally, it has 3 range of fan speed and a night mode feature. Though this device operates quietly, it is very powerful and it is best for larger rooms.

Features of GENIANI Home Air Purifier

This product comes with a 2-year warranty, also, the manufacturers provide a life-time customer support service. 

Ideal for Pets and Allergies: The advanced True HEPA eliminates smoke dust and allergens thereby giving you a cleaner air around your house. 

Highly Efficient: With the ARB-Certification that this device boasts of, it is the one the best quality air purifier for smoke you can get anywhere.

Works Powerfully Yet Very Quiet: this is the best air purifier that guarantees better sleep by working without any noise, yet, it is very powerful. 

Night Mode And 3-Speed Fan Levels: when the GENIANI Home Air Purifier is used at night, you can turn on the night mode feature, this activates the light in case you do not want your lights on when you sleep. Also, you can choose from 3 available levels of fan speed this help determine how the air purifier should work.

How Air Purifiers for Smoke Work?

Image credit by freshoair.com

A lot of filters, even those that are specially built to purify the air polluted with smoke can also get rid of some other air particle that also pollutes the room such as mold spore, pet hair, pet dander, bacteria, dust, etc.

Some air purifiers usually come with up to three filters and one fan. These filters include; An Activated Carbon Filter, a pre-filter, and a HEPA-filter. These are basically the most common filters you can find.

The fan works by circulating air from the device around the required space, this action forces most of the air around that space to enter the device from which they pass through the filters. There are commonly three levels of fan speed, though some fans have up to four levels. But the commonest one is usually low, medium, and high levels. The amount of air that goes into the device and through the filters depends on the speed of the fan and the duration of the operation.

The basic filter that the device uses to purify the air polluted with smoke is the HEPA filter. Though other filters exist, the True HEPA filters are the best and they are more superior than all the others. These filters can capture up to 99.99% of harmful molecules of smoke from the air around your home.

Some particles may be smaller than 3 microns, but the HEPA filters can eliminate those particles as well. However, most air purifiers can only eliminate air particles equal to or greater than three microns. Smoke molecules are usually within the range of 0.3 to 0.5 micron, the True HEPA filter is the best filter that can effortlessly remove them from your air. Therefore, it is recommended that for any air purifier for smoke to work effectively, it must have a HEPA-filter.

Sometimes there will be some irritating odors around your house. For this, you need the Activated Carbon Filter to effectively eliminate them from the air to get a fresher air around your house. Activated charcoal or popularly known as activated carbon is a substance that can capture the volatile gas molecules the HEPA-filter alone can not capture.

If your air purifier has a pre-filter, it works by trapping the larger particles like the pet dander, pet hair and other particles that are above 0.3 microns. The pre-filter traps these elements before they reach the HEPA-filter.

These are the basic filters that can effectively remove all the particles in your air that pose health risks to your household. They can eliminate particles the size of 0.001 microns. This enables the air around your house to become safe for breathing again. The air will smell fresh and also completely smoke-free.

Benefits of Health Having an Air Purifiers

Image credit by drjockers.com

If you are a smoker, then you certainly know the dangers, however, the risk is aggravated when you are inside your house. There is something called the third-hand smoke, and it is even more deadly. The residue from smoking is what is regarded as the third-hand smoke. This is the part that gets stuck in the air and on the walls, and a host of other surfaces in the house. This leftover can be more dangerous than the actual air.

When these smoke particles combine with the dust around the house, they can overtake every little space within the home. Researches have revealed that these smoke particles pose as much risk to your household as the second-hand smoke.

Both second-hand and third-hand smoke cause different chronic health conditions. However, the most common problems they cause are usually irritations and certain allergies. they can also cause some lung-related conditions such as shortness of breath and in most cases asthma.

Air purifier for smoke that comes with a technologically advanced True HEPA-filter can eliminate up to 100 percent of smoke molecules from the air around your house. If you want you and your household to be free from air-related discomforts, you may need to spend quite a sum on an air purifier that has a True HEPA-filter. You can eliminate certain breathing difficulties and irritations of the eye, nose, and throat.

There is one important health benefit of air purifiers for smoke that has remained ignored, or for the most part, some people don’t know about it; that is the elimination of the risks associated with respiratory, disease, cancer and cardiovascular problems. The need for an air purifier in the home becomes even more necessary if there is a baby in the house. This is because the air purifier will ensure that the baby’s immune system and brain development is not inhibited. The risk of babies suffering allergies breathing conditions as they grow is greatly reduced as well.

There are many air purifiers for smoke that you can choose from. The best has been reviewed here. These air purifiers will effectively eliminate every odor and smoke molecules from your house. There are a lot of air purifiers for smoke that suits both your home and your budget. Whatever you need are, the air purifiers we have on our list will provide solutions.

Products like the Winix 5500-2 we have on our list may be worth your time and every penny you spend on it. This particular product can effectively eliminate smoke molecules and a host of other air pollutants.

If you have always smoked within your house and you have not been using any air purifier, chances are that you now have thick layers of smoke particles on different surfaces in your home. Even if you always clean the home with the conventional cleaning methods. This smoke leftover is very harmful to your health. To effectively remove this smoke residue, you can get an air purifier that generates ozone, and ionizes to eliminate the harmful particles.

When you want to buy an air purifier for smoke odors, buy an air purifier that has a True HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon filter. The combination of both filters effectively eliminates 99.97 percent of harmful particles from your home.

Measure the space around where you want to place the air purifier for smoke. The product should be able to cover the space at least two times in one hour.

 An unpurified air is always filled with substances like pet dander, smoke, pollen, pet hair, etc. and they can be harmful to your health. Paying the price for a durable air purifier can ensure that you remain in good health.

It is very important to understand that for your air purifier to function effectively, your home, office or any space you intend to use the product needs to be properly ventilated. This will guarantee cleaner air in your space.

Things To Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

  • Size
  • Design
  • Find Good Value
  • Energy Efficient


It is a huge factor to consider when you are talking about air purifiers. The size of an air purifier sometimes determines the price. For example, if you have a budget of 100 dollars for an air purifier, you need to be aware that your budget can only cover something that is ideal for smaller spaces.


Another important factor that you need to consider is the design of your purifier. There are some air purifiers that are affordable yet they appear to be more expensive than their actual cost. That is the sum total of what you get from the visual appeal of your air purifier.

Find Good Value

Sometimes, the price of an air purifier is not an issue because almost all air purifiers have a price difference of around $30. However, you must always concentrate on finding absolute value for every dime you spend on your air purifier. You must ensure that the air purifier you have chosen has all the functional features that suit your needs.

Energy Efficient

Apart from finding what suits your needs and your budget, purchasing an energy-efficient air purifier will help you save more money on your light bill. You have to find products that require low wattage because they are the energy-saving air purifiers.

The air purification functionality of the best air purifiers for smoke occurs at various levels. Some products need a combination of several air purification techniques to be effective. Below is a guide to further help you in the purification of the air around your house.

HEPA: These are filters that are built to capture smaller particles that pollute the air. They are made of fibers that have been arranged in a random manner.

UV Germicidal Irradiation:  This is mostly used to sterilize the air around any living space. They use UV forced air and UV Light. Air purifier products that use the UV germicidal irradiation are usually shielded with UV lamps that work by forcing the air from the fan past the ultraviolet light. Other air purifiers are installed in such a way that the forced air circulates around the space to get the smaller organisms past the ultraviolet light.

Photocatalytic: Green plants manufacture their foods for survival in the presence of sunlight. Did you know that that same sun also powers us as human beings? I bet you did. But what you do not know is that the sun also helps to purify things. 

With the air purifiers that use the photocatalytic method, the energy from the sun initiates a process that effectively nullifies the effect of various types and sizes of particles that pollutes the air within the home. This type of air purifier is particularly suitable for people who suffer certain allergies. This air purifier that is powered by light is another device you can get to rid your air of any pollutants and maintain better health.

Electrostatic: They are furnace filters that can easily be washed and reused. As the air goes through the first of the multiple vetted metal layers, the friction occurring between the filter and the air initiates a positive charge on the air molecules around the room or space where you have chosen to use the air purifier. Once these air molecules have received a positive charge, they will go through the remaining filter, thereby attaching themselves to the filter as they move through. During these processes, static electrical energy is released which the device uses.

Zeolite or Carbon: Like other types of a filtration process. Carbon filter utilizes carbon to eliminate impurities from the air. The carbon within this filter is designed to increase the surface area in order to further expose the pollutants to the filter. The carbon filtration system is mostly used to cleanse water; however, it has proven to be very effective in air purification.

When it has to do with filtration, there are two main types of filter, they are the activated carbon filter and the powdered block carbon filters. Generally, carbon filters are the most effective filters for the elimination of more air contaminants because of the increase in the surface area of the carbon.

Zeolite is majorly an absorbent mineral substance. It consists of oxygen, aluminum, and hydrated silicon.

Naturally, Zeolite captures gases that are harmful to health such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. These substances are mostly used every day because they are usually inside some domestic items we use like detergents, dietary supplements, and fertilizer.

Structurally, Zeolites are porous, which means they can effectively capture odors from either liquid or solid molecules. This substance naturally occurs in more than 40 countries in the world, and it is mined in more than half of those countries, and they include, Italy, United States of America, South Africa, and Bulgaria.

Pre-Filter: The pre-filter ensures that the True HEPA-filter does not have to do too much filtration, which can make it wear out very quickly. When the True HEPA-filter of your air purifier wears out very quickly, it means you would have to spend more money to get a replacement filter every now and then. Pre-filters work by trapping the larger particles like pet dander, pet hair, dust, pollen, etc. As soon as these larger particles are captured, the filters inside will take over to deliver the maximum killer effect.

Ozone: It has been discovered that ozone-generating Air filters can eliminate microorganisms like fungi, bacteria. Ozone generators are one of the numerous ways to effectively eliminate airborne particles that can quickly pollute the air in your home, offices or any space you desire cleaner air.

Although this device is very effective in eliminating offensive air pollutants, they can also pose health challenges to us.

Ozone-generating air purifiers are so effective but what makes them so effective is the same thing that makes them pose so many health risks to the user. Therefore, if you think an ozone-generating air purifier is what you need, you have to be aware of how best to use it so that you can reduce the risks it poses to your health. You may also want to search for a similar air purifier with the same effect on air pollutants but less dangerous to your health.

Ion: An air purifier that ionizes molecules of air, utilizes a high voltage to achieve that. Ion-generating-air-purifiers are very effective in eliminating the multitude of airborne microorganisms like infectious bacteria.

If you have purchased an air purifier that does not have the ionizer feature, you can purchase a good space heater, which may actually come with an ionizer.

Dust Cartridge: When you need to separate gases from dust, dust cartridges are the tools to use. Dust gas or air is applied with pressure to the exterior of the cartridges and the purified air will be expelled through the top of the device. The remaining dust can be eliminated with a whirling wing through compressed air and also by cleaning it regularly. The reason there is a top-quality filtration process is that the materials used to manufacture the device are regularly tested to verify optimum performance.

Water: These are air purifiers that do not need chemicals to function. Hence these devices are usually the safest as far as air purifiers are concerned. Instead, they utilize water to eliminate dust particles, pollen and other air pollutants that make the air around your space unsafe for breathing.

Compared to other air purifiers, the water-powered air purifier is the easiest air purifier you can find on the market. They work by simply capturing the air-polluting particles inside a pool of water, and once in a while, the user can flush off the particles. We have already mentioned that this type of air purifier is very easy to operate, it is not only easy to use but it is also less expensive than the other air purifiers. If you are the owner of this type of air purifier, what you will normally do is to flush away and replace the water from time to time. You may also consider some air purifiers that have dual utility; some devices utilize both water and air to eliminate every disturbing odor from your living space.

Our Thoughts: It is clear and quite understandable no one air purifier has all the features of an air purifier. However, we suggest that you eliminate as many air pollutants, toxins, and allergens as you possibly can, utilizing a combination of several methods for maximum effect. Also, note that whatever, you do or whatever air purifier you choose, you need to put your budget ahead to guide your decision. Also, you need to ensure that you learn as much as possible about the air purifier you intend to purchase for your office, home or any space you wish to have a purer air. Also, ensure you can check the feedback from people who have used the same product you want to purchase, this will help you to make an informed decision about the product.

Installation and Maintenance of Air Purifiers


Before you think about using your newly purchased air purifier, you have to, first of all, remove the plastic material used to cover the filters. Immediately you open the panel at the back, you will see the layer filters in the device.

The first filter you would usually see is the Pre-filter. After the Pre-filter, you will see the activated carbon filter; which is usually black and has some small granules and charcoal. The next filter you would see after the activated carbon filter is usually the HEPA-filter. As said earlier, the tiny air pollutants that are not visible to the naked eye are trapped by the HEPA-filter. The charcoal on the Activated carbon filter eliminates offensive odor, and the Pre-filter helps to capture the larger air-polluting particles. These three filters combine to guarantee a cleaner air around your office or dwelling space thereby improving your general health.

Apart from the Pre-filter, the other two filters come in plastic covering, they are well-packed. Therefore, you must ensure that you take out the covers before you begin to use them, this is very necessary. There are tiny hinges which you will find in the pack, these hinges will help you unpack the filter and install them at the back. This process is also very easy.

Again, you must ensure that you place the filters in the appropriate position when you want to place them back into the filter. It is also pretty simple to put back the cover together with the prefilter. You may also refer to the product manual for further clarifications on this aspect. Once you have properly installed your air purifier, the next thing is to switch it on. Usually, your air purifier sucks in air from both sides of the device and also from below the device, and releases the pure air through the top of the device. However, all these activities depend on the type of filter you have purchased, some filter works differently.

As you turn on the air purifier, you will begin to notice the different buttons for a seamless operation. Through these buttons, you can easily set the fan speed you desire, and apply different modes like the sleep mode, etc.


 If you want to change the filter, all you have to do is to take out the panel at the front of the filter. After you have removed this panel, go on with the removal of the filters, which you will usually find inside the device with the pre-filter in front. Once you have successfully removed the Pre-filter, you can then go ahead to remove the other two; the HEPA-filter and the Activated Carbon Filter. Once all the filters are out, you can vacuum clean the Pre-filter. However, if you find it necessary, you can wash the Pre-filter and set it out to dry.

If it is necessary to clean your HEPA filter, you only need to vacuum-clean it. If it is not possible to clean the HEPA-filter, you should consider buying a new filter. But if you can clean the HEPA-filter, ensure you do not leave any clogging dirt behind. However, whether or not you can clean your HEPA-filter depends on the product you have purchased. The HEPA-filter may change color with time, do not fret about this, it is completely fine. To clean the Activated Carbon Filter, you would also need a vacuum cleaner. Bear in mind that you cannot wash the HEPA filter and the Activated Carbon Filter. But this also depends on the type of air purifier that you have purchased.

Whenever you replace your old filters with some new ones, ensure you place in the HEPA-filter first, also ensure that the side that is marked front is facing outside. After you have successfully inserted the HEPA-filter, the next thing to do is to fit in the Activated Carbon filter. And lastly, you can fit in the Pre-filter. As soon as you have successfully inserted all the filters in their respective positions, you can then place in the front panel.

After successfully installing the filters, and placing in the front panel, you can now go-ahead to turn on the air purifier.  Here is one final recommendation: for most air purifiers, it is very possible to clean the sensor at least once in a while. You only need to use a clean dry cloth to gently wipe off any dust.



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