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Grandfather Wall Clock: 2021 Wall Clocks Review

Grandfather Wall Clock

The grandfather wall clock is a common clock piece found in the majority of traditional homes. When you enter your grandparent’s home or a person who belongs to the last generation, you will definitely see the grandfather clock wall hanging steadily on the wall. It is tall and sold in size. The pendulum is weighty but it doesn’t matter. It will be placed inside the case waist of the clock. It is self-supporting. The grandfather wall clocks are usually big in size. Most clocks have beautiful cases. The cases are carved intricate and remain exaggerated.

10 Best Grandfather Wall Clock
Top 10 Picks Best Grandfather Wall Clocks
Grandfather Wall Clock 2021

This wonderfully detailed clock will certainly take an area of honor in your home with its dark brown solid oak case and hand-rubbed finish. Westminster/Whittington chime which chimes every quarter-hour and strikes on each hour. There is an option for automatic night shut-off and volume control.

  • Dark brown finished solid oak case

  • Ornate brass finished swinging pendulum and glass crystal

  • Metal dial features intricate vine pattern, applied numerals, solid brass accents

  • Powered by 1 C battery (included)

  • Overall dimensions: 28 X 12.6 X 6

2. Bulova C4331 Hartwick Chiming Clock

Elegant features showcase the Hartwick Wall Clock. From the old world walnut finished wood case, to the angled corners, fluted pilasters, and ornamental carved accents, this clock will enhance any room. The triple-chime movement plays Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam melody on the quarter-hour and also counts the hour. Roman numerals highlight the two-tone metal dial above the beautiful pendulum. The look is completed by an ornamental screened curved glass lens.

  • Nullify

  • Made in USA or Imported

  • Old World Walnut Finish

  • Angled Corners With Fluted Pilasters And Decorative Carved Accents

  • Two-Tone Metal Dial

  • Adjustable volume control

  • H: 29.75″ W: 14″ D: 5.5″

  • 17.31 Pounds

3. Quartz Wood  Pendulum Wall Clock

Grandfather Wall Clocks Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated

Get ready to fall in love with premium Verona Wooden Pendulum Clock!

This wonderful and stylish wood clock is formed with real wood, decorative carved design, rich dark brown finish, a white analogue dial with easy to ascertain numbers, gold accents and a glass front. With a slim and rectangular design, This clock adds style and character to any home or office.

  • 27×11.5×4.75 inches
  • Color: Dark Wood
  • Brand: Lovely Home Essentials
  • 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee, and 1 year warranty!

4. Seiko Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse

Grandfather Wall Clock Seiko Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

This timeless dark red beech schoolhouse clock is classically sophisticated. It has an octagon-shaped face with Roman numerals numbers, a curved glass face, etched pendulum glass, and a shiny pendulum. It features a gorgeous Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour and hourly chime strikes with volume control also as a nighttime chime silencer.

  • Manufacturer one year warranty

  • Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock

5. Wall Clocks: Grandfather Wood Wall Clock with Chime

Looking for an ornamental grandfather clock with pendulum and chimes for your living room?Whether you would like a wooden clock for your front room decor or as a present, we all know you would like and deserve the simplest. This grandfather wall clock top shape carved wood wall decor clock pendulum is a must-have. This magnificent antique clock is formed of solid wood and is conveniently hanged on the wall of the front room or living room. This gorgeous clock brings loveliness and attraction to your home decor.

  • Measures 26″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″

  • Roman numerals

  • Quartz Clock & Chime Has Automatic Shut-off. This unique feature of the antique wall clock automatically shut-off the chime from 10 PM to 5 AM.

  • 1 Year Warranty

6. Pendulum Wall Clock: Silent Decorative Wood Clock with Swinging Pendulum

Pendulum Wall Clock

Each clock is carefully crafted; from the precisely carved wood casing to the intricately designed minute markers and hands. These clocks are made with care and delicacy so they can be treasured within your family for years to come.

  • 26x12x4.75 inches

  • 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee, and 1-year warranty!

7. Aero Snail Luxury Metal Wood Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum

Best Grandfather Wall Clocks

This wall clock is with an antique look. It matches vintage lights & mahogany furniture perfectly. The pendulum is a Unique Feature. It swings very quiet and makes no sound in the least. The most important thing in the design because it has two batteries: one is for the clock and one is for the pendulum. So if the pendulum swing causes you to feel dizzy, you can take the battery out to stop the move, which is considerate to people with special needs.

  • Feature: LARGE size, Pendulum; Time Display: Analog; Materials: Wood

  • TWO AA batteries

8. Bulova C4443 Baronet Chiming Clock, Mahogany

8. Bulova C4443 Baronet Chiming Wall Clock

Metal Vienna-style dial. Pendulum. Quarter-hour Westminster chime and strike available. Adjustable volume control. Automatic night shutoff available. Decorative screened glass.

  • Solid Wood Case

  • Mahogany Finish

  • Westminster Melody On The Hour

9. C1517 Bulova Saybrook Wall Clock, Brown Cherry

Grandfather Wall Clock

Vienna-style metal dial with Arabic numerals. Fully lyre pendulum, watch the video to hear the actual chimes in the clock Choice of 3 chiming options, volume control, and night silence feature. Adjustable volume control and automatic night shut-off switch operate AA battery and C batteries, not included One-year limited manufacturers warranty and battery operated.

  • Color Brown Cherry

  • Brand: Bulova

  • Item Dimension 9.75 x 4.75 x 20.5 inches

10. C3543 Bulova Ashford Chiming Clock, Walnut

Solid Wood And Wood Veneer Case. Old World Walnut Finish, Westminster Melody On The Hour, Decorative Screened Glass.

  • Batteries not included.

  • Aged dial with Roman and Arabic numerals. Decorative screened glass.

  • Quartz, battery operated movement.

  • 25″ high.13 3/4″ wide.5″ deep

Why Is It Called Grandfather Wall Clocks?

Why Is It Called Grandfather Wall Clocks_

The hood round clocks face and look attractive when it encircles clocks that are long-faced. These are still the oldest watches that still exist and are popular around the world. It was created by William Clement in 1970. He is a popular English clock manufacturer. He is still remembered for his invention. Are you wondering why it is named as grandfather clocks? It is derived from a song by Henry Clay Work. It was composed in the year 1876. It was a hit song in those years. The song was termed as My Grandfather Clock because it is written on the basis of an irrevocable clock story.

There is also a grandmother wall clock easily available in the market. Both terms do not have much differences. But still the grandfather clock is said to be six feet tall or more than that. The granddaughter clocks are also available but it is less than five feet in height. The latest version of grandfather clock has various features. It does not require extra energy to maintain the swing rates. It caused minimal friction. It does not damage easily just like the earlier versions. The clocks were accurate than its previous version.

The majority of grandfather wall clocks have a second pendulum. It means the swing of a pendulum from one side to another takes one second. Such clocks come in length of thirty nine inches. It will be placed in a long thin casing. It is best to purchase the contemporary longcase clocks. It uses anchor escapement referred to as the deadbeat. It shows accurate timings.

It uses eight day movements.

If you want to restart the movement, you need to wait. Chains or cables hang the weights for contemporary clocks. Some come with a gear system and some are seen with a pulley system.

The modern grandfather wall clocks are elegant, accurate and technologically advanced. If you are planning to decorate your home, ensure to purchase longcase grandfather clocks.



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